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I was wrong about Facebook

June 28, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I always thought Facebook was a pointless way of marketing if you’re promoting something for adults. I don’t mean some kind of sex toys, but something that is not that mainstream. As you probably know, the thing I am trying to promote is automated forex trading software. I think you would agree, it is not something for the typical facebook user.

I decided to try it anyway and guess what, I was wrong. Well, maybe. In terms of subscribers, it is by far the best tool I’ve tried so far. It is difficult to say at this point if any of them will become customers, but by taking into account the geotargeting I used in my campaigns, I think some of them might.

I’ve used them all, tried LeadImpact, Google Adwords, Adknowledge, LinkedIn, the lot. Who would have thought Facebook would be the winner. I thought for a very long time it is for schoolgirls who like posting ridiculous selfies with duck lips, but obviously it isn’t. There are also a lot of business men, closeted business men (whatever that means) and business men and women to be.

It’s a pretty cheap way of marketing and if you target it well, you will see success. I use a tool called Social lead freak, that allows you to find the best audience, which means that only your potential customers will see your ads. That saves a lot of money because it is highly targeted and someone who isn’t interested in your topic will click on your ad.

I promote two things on Facebook. The Facebook page and my website. I managed to get over 250 new likes and over 30 new subscribers in a week. It all cost me 75USD, but I think it was worth it. I also took advantage of scheduled post. I queued up about 50 posts with pictures and quotes and set it to show up every three hours. It generates good reach and the “talking about this” number is always high. So now I am getting new likes I’m not paying for. There are a lot of things you can do with facebook, so I recomend you check it out. I started promoting an eBook for sale just now, I will let you know how that goes. I am using a service called payhip, so if you are thinking about selling some eBooks online, I think payhip is a way to go.

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