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What do you care if I like it

April 16, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I took up Crossfit couple of months ago and I just can’t believe the heat I am getting from hardcore-boring-bicep-curls-doing gym goers. I realize it’s something new so let’s be negative about it and that’s fine, it’s our nature, but what I don’t understand is the close-mindedness.

What Crossfit has done for general fitness is something unheard of. It has become a movement, fashion statement if you like. People now do it for many reasons, many of which kept them out of the gym for years. It is a high intensity team sport, where those around you cheer you on and you feel like a part of a great community.

Bodybuilding is nothing like that. I’m not going to bash it, because that would mean to stoop to the level of those “4 sets of 10 reps” type of people, but to those who have tasted their bile after hard and strenuous workout, regular bodybuilding is catastrophically boring.

Then again, whatever makes you happy just do it. I have nothing against bodybuilders and I know I am not going to change their mind, but they at least should acknowledge that is Crossfit what made people want to work out, not bench press!


P.S. This video, I think is pretty cool…

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