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10 tips to bad successful habits. What?

May 24, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

There is a “little” website called LifeHack and when I can’t fall asleep I often read some of their posts on my iPhone in bed. Now since I’ve read quite a few of them already, they all start to look very similar to me. At least the ones about success and getting better, that sort of stuff. Although I have nothing against people bettering themselves and especially nothing against LifeHack (I wish to get to their size one day) the titles of the posts do sound very similar.

Here we go:

13 Common Bad habits that hold you back from success
20 thoughts that will lead you to great success
Top 10 fears that hold us back in life
12 things you do that are holding you back from success
5 shocking ways your lifestyle can determine your success
21 suggestions for success
10 common excuses that lead you nowhere to success
10 highly successful people share their keys to success with everyone of us
Coach yourself to success in 5 steps
10 critical things you need for life success
The 10 biggest blunders that keep you away from success
10 things everyone thinks are about achieving success (that actually are not)
20 invaluable keys to success that you’ve been ignoring

Now as you can see all these titles have one thing in common. It’s a list. All these name some number of things and as you would imagine, they are all the same, just written differently.

But there is actually a lesson that we can learn from this. Well, two…

1. This “numbered list” thing is something that we see more of nowadays, pretty much on every website. Maybe it’s time to get back to the classic posts where you put your ideas and not count them down. And maybe that is exactly the way to go. Being different by being old fashioned in your writing.

2. Write down some shit and just write countless articles about the same topic. You can use tools like The Best Spinner to pass copyscape. It won’t add any new value to your website, but it will look good if you have hundreds of articles. And never mind 90% of them are the same, we’ll gloss over that.

If you want to write a new article everyday, well good luck, but do it like Seth Godin does, don’t rewrite your old ones. Just food for thought.

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