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Paid traffic tips to profit form it I.

September 14, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

SEO, long tail keywords, backlinking, guest posts, getting ranked, etc. is all great, but as you might have learned already, it takes a whole lot of time. Of course there are tools that can help you a great deal, such as all in one SEO plugin by Yoast or a backlinking service called Magic Submitter (which I recommend by the way), but any kind of traffic or better yet income, is not going to happen overnight. Now that is all fine if you don’t depend on your online business, but what if you got into blogging or affiliate marketing to make boat loads (which you shouldn’t have)? Let me give you some Paid Traffic Tips to speed up the process.

For those of you who don’t know what paid traffic really is, read my first post. In a nutshell, you pay for clicks on your link. Whatever that might be; an affiliate link, a link to your website, etc. A lot of you have already heard of Google AdWords I suppose and that’s a paid traffic network. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay google. It’s the same with Facebook, LinkedIn and some other social media.

Paid traffic tips to keep in mind

Number one rule is to keep the expenses to minimum. Always optimize, look for the best solution and don’t pay for stuff you really don’t need.

In other words, don’t go with the biggest. I am talking about google AdWords. Although it might be a decent traffic source when you have a big budget and want to get traffic only to your website. If you just want to promote affiliate offers, give google AdWords a miss. The competition is way too big and you would have to hire an expert to run your AdWords campaign. Not to mention they don’t approve affiliate links. In the end, it’s not worth the bother.

Always look for an alternative, which is cheaper and can give a similar number of traffic. The obvious choice is Facebook. It is by far the biggest social network in the world so giving it a try would be a smart choice. Huge advantage over google AdWords is, that Facebook doesn’t care about the ad and what site it points to. Let me explain.

Google AdWords gives your ad a score. The better the score, the cheaper the ad. If you point only to a simple landing page, your score would be lower and therefore every click on your ad would cost you more. Now those of you, who know a thing or two about AdWords know, that the website isn’t the only way google calculates the score. Keywords inside the ad, name of the ad group, targeted keywords are also important. I know that, but the website itself is crucial as well..

Also, when your ad contains the word ¨FREE¨ in caps, it will get rejected. I am not a fan of AdWords as you can see, simply because it’s too frustrating. Facebook couldn’t care less about the structure of your ad or what it points to; the only thing they care about is that people click on it.

What I like about it, is that you can target your ad so only people of certain age group, income level, interests, etc. click on it. That way you know that it won’t cost you a fortune. You can go even cheaper if you want to. I use a tool called Social Lead Freak, which helps you create custom audience. You can find an audience of your competition and target the ad directly to them. This means, that because they liked your competitor’s page, they are more likely to click on your ad, because they are interested in whatever you might promote. It is a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.

“Think outside the box” paid traffic tips

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to ads is the ones you see in search engines or social media. But how about the ads that you sometimes see in your mail inbox? This is when Adknowledge comes into the picture. It is a network that shows ads to people based on their email conversation. Weird I know, it’s like somebody is reading your emails. The only small problem is you can’t target keywords, but categories only. That’s not a big deal if you are very specific. It’s a very cheap source of traffic, but a huge drawback is that the initial deposit is 1000usd. The way you can get around it, if you don’t have that kind of money, is to borrow it from someone, fund your account, wait to get it activated and then ask for the money back. They always send it and you can return it, but you will have your account active. Definitely check it out.

Have you ever had an annoying window popped out when you wanted to visit some website? Well, that is another way how to get traffic. There are many pop out networks out there, but I recommend you do a little research. The best of them all is (supposedly) Traffic Vance. I got rejected, so I had to go with the second best (again, supposedly) LeadImpact. It is very easy to create a campaign in LeadImpact (video) and it gives you a decent amount of traffic. Here you can target keywords but also URLs. My tip would be to go with the URLs and forget the keywords. If you put in the URLs of your competitors, people are more likely to click on it, if it’s more or less the same topic or niche. There are paid ways to scrape URLs from google, but stay away from them. Watch my video about how to scrape URLs form google for free. There is the same problem with LeadImpact as there is with Adknowledge, which is 1000USD deposit …but, to get around it, you can do the same thing (I did, but don’t tell them).

I will leave you with the main tip. If you want to make money online promoting other people’s products always target the USA. All these campaigns work and send you traffic unless you target other countries. I’ve struggled with getting any traffic to my client’s websites because I had to target Europe and some countries in Asia.

Whatever you do, don’t fall for products that promise to teach you how to make money online. There is always a cheaper, and a lot of times, a free alternative.

Paid traffic tips part 2

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