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Paid Traffic – Part 2

March 3, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I am pretty technical, but to get everything working the way I want it doesn’t always turn out to be the easiest. There is always something that just won’t work the way I want it. I guess I am “lucky” that way. I actually don’t remember one thing I ever did, that was just smooth-going from start to finish.

Anyway, the problem that I had now was to get mailchimp subscription box fit into my squeeze page. Not to mention the squeeze page itself. I created one, which to be honest, was just awful. So I apologize but I’m not even going to share it. I had a friend of mine create one for me. You can actually check it out here if you want. You notice there is some change, which if you click on it, will show you a message, bunch of bollocks really. But anyway, my client likes it and that is all that matters. The next step was to create thank you page on the site, which if you put your email address in the box and confirm it in the next mail you get, will take you to that page.

That was another thing I wasn’t sure about. Single opt-in or double-opt it. The difference is that when you go with single opt-in, your subscribers won’t have to confirm the subscription. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, you will get more subscriber using single opt-in, but this is a very specific product not for everyone. We are going for quality over quantity in this case. If it was some general product that targets huge masses of people, then yes… go for single opt-in. But not when you’re looking for someone who is willing to open a Forex account with a broker.

After I get everything I need from my client, I’ll jump right into it and let you know. Take care

I should mention this post from Glenn from Viperchill. You should definitely check it out if you want to know more about squeeze page and also this awesome article from Neil Patel. I got a lot from both.

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