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Paid Traffic – First Summary

April 6, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

Well, to be honest, the results are shit. I thought I will report to you what success it has been so far, but no. Not even close. There were three campaigns I was running and two are done and one is paused.


The first one was AdKnowledge. After about a week or so I asked for the remaining money back and luckily they had no problem with it.

So what went wrong?

Well I couldn’t target the USA for a good reason and that alone is a big drawback. The traffic from other countries isn’t all that great. So I wasn’t surprised it’s not getting the results I was hoping for. The first day I got 156 clicks which seemed OK but not a single opt in. So of course I decided to wait but suddenly I got no traffic at all. I asked them what’s going on and their reply was that there simply enough traffic in those countries for my chosen category (in AdKnowledge you chose a category instead of keywords). I thought that was the case. So after spending about 50USD I asked for the money back. I still got about 950USD which is almost enough to open an account with LeadImpact.


This is a pop up campaign and I decided to go with 50onred after reading quite a few reviews. I have been running the campaign for over a week with my daily budget set at 20USD. Everything was going fine, the first day I got 1756 impressions which seemed impressive, but it gradually went down to 843 impressions I got yesterday. AND I got only 16 subscribers from the whole campaign.

So what went wrong?

I had no idea what was happening and after talking to them, they recommended I create a new campaign for each country I am targeting. The reason is that when I want to target UK and Brazil for example, the price for an impression will be automatically increased to highest. And since UK is more expensive than Brazil, I am paying too much for traffic coming from Brazil.

So the next step is to create campaigns for each country and I’ll come back with the results.

Google Adwords

I’ve long maintained google adwords isn’t always the best paid traffic in every market/niche. I had 100eur to spend on a campaign with a daily budget of 10eur. The keywords I am targeting are very competitive and so they are around 1eur on average. In other words I only got 10 people a day coming from google adwords. And since they don’t allow squeeze pages, they only came to the website and I got no lead. I know what some of you might say, that I should’ve targeted long tail keywords and that is what I did. Some were 4-5 words long. I gave it a shot, but I am not doing google adwords campaign again, especially for this kind of product. The competition is just way too huge.

What NOW?

I’ll try to optimize the text on the squeeze page, change the campaigns in 50onRED platform, open an account with lead impact and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

See ya

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