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Paid Traffic – Part 3

March 28, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

In the last post I talked about using Media Traffic for my pop ups, but after reading quite a few reviews, I decided not to go with them. The thing is, lot of people were saying their traffic sucks and for my first time using this kind of service, I didn’t want to waste money, which it seems I would. I also got a weird feeling about them since watching few tutorials from 2010 and seeing their website hasn’t changed. I know that doesn’t say much, but not even a minor change in design? That kind of put me off as well.


So as an alternative I went with 50onred. Have no idea what that means but I decided to go with them since I read few good reviews. I registered, scheduled a Skype call to get all my questions answered, talked to a very nice and charming account manager Arianna and then I decided to fund the account. The difference between 50onred and Media Traffic is that the initial deposit is 500USD and with Media Traffic it’s only 200USD. But if you remember from my first post about Paid Traffic, it’s not my money so I’m OK with that.

50onred offers intext ads as well, similar to Infolinks, but I just want to stick with pop ups for now. Good thing is they don’t have any rules when it comes to you squeeze page and you can use your competitors URLs as keywords. That always helps. I will make a video series about setting the whole thing up, don’t worry.

There are few tools that help you scrape the URLs from google, but they are all paid and I didn’t want to spend any money on that and with a bit of googling, I found the way to scrape first 100 URLs from google. I will come back to this later. If you cannot wait just send me a message and I will explain it to you how, but right now I couldn’t be bothered.
So the next step was to load it with the URLs, I added few keywords and turned it on. There are few signups already, so that’s good.


The nest source I am using is AdKnowledge, which is little bit different. There are no pop ups, they put ads in mailboxes based on what topics has the person written or received emails about. I was a bit uneasy about this, because it’s like spying on your privacy. But hey, I erased all the pornography I had there, so what the hell. (I’m kidding, obviously)

The problem with Adknowledge was they didn’t approve my ads and my squeeze page at first. You can’t advertise something that has anything to do with making money. If I had only bothered to read their terms and conditions I would have known that, but who reads that stuff? I don’t think anyone does. Anyway, I had to change tactics a little bit.

Here is the original squeeze page and here is the altered one. (I kept the original for the 50onred campaign. It’s just on another subdomain.)

The first one talks about making money and the second one talks about learning stuff, and that was OK with them. What they didn’t check, luckily, was that both squeeze pages are attached to the same thank you page. So really the results are the same. Although I don’t think the one with Adknowledge will convert that well, but we’ll see. “Making money trading currencies” does sound a bit more appealing after all. It’s been running for two days now and I got new subscribers from 50onred, only.

What’s next?

The next step is to set up a campaign using google adwords. I’ve used them before and I had some results, but nothing special. The problem is you have to constantly monitor the campaigns and you will most certainly lose money when you start. AND the biggest problem is they don’t allow squeeze pages. I will try to get around it by using a pop up opt-in form. Just like the one on this website. If no opt-in form showed up, I haven’t set it up yet. I’m going to do it, eventually so you’ll have to come back to see it. If it has already showed up, that means I had already set it up so these last few sentences are pointless. You know what I mean…

I like these paid traffic kind of ads especially when it’s not your money. I definitely don’t want to waste any money though, since I am being paid based on results and I am fully responsible for the outcome. What I am saying is, it doesn’t hurt, when you hit the PAY button.

I am actually thinking about trying to run a banner campaign using BuySellAds. I tried it once before but to no success. With this network you really do get what you pay for so I’ll probably spend more than 30USD this time. Yes, 30! The traffic went up a bit, but that was really it.

So yeah, these are the plans. I’ll keep you posted.


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