Paid Traffic?

January 15, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I recently started looking into paid traffic for a client of mine. I created his website about Automated Forex Trading, but he wants to boost the traffic and rather than doing it the organic way, he is willing to spend some money on it. Fine by me because I’ve always wanted to look into it. I’ve had my fair share with Adwords and it is the obvious choice, but I want to know how to get traffic for much less.

The obvious way to do it would be creating a Magic Submitter campaign, getting twitter followers, targeting long tail keywords, etc. You know the usual. But since my client is impatient, I got to do it. Let’s face, testing things with other people’s money is always awesome. Because when I’m satisfied with the results, I will pour my own money into it. I’ll keep you posted. Later ya’ll..