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Do one thing everyday that scares you!

September 15, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt and it says “Do one thing everyday that scares you”. So, to go by that principle, I had a go at paragliding because I am scared of heights. It is so bad, that when I fly somewhere I have to get drunk on the plane. I usually arrive at any destination where I had to take a plane, wasted.

I wasn’t drunk this time and boy, the view was incredible from up there. Once we took off, I settled in and started enjoying it. I remembered I’m scared of heights after we have landed. So I guess I am not anymore. It was so much fun that I am actually thinking about taking it up. We’ll see…

The cable car, or whatever they call it, that took me and my two lovely friends up to the top of the mountain, took 16 minutes to get up there. So you can imagine how high it was. The instructor, who couldn’t be nicer, said we were 1000m (3280ft) above the lake, that you can see in the video, which is called Attersee and it’s in Austria.

So enjoy me being scared.

The song is “Learn to fly”by the Foo Fighters. I used Camtasia, yes camtasia, to edit it because I couldn’t get my Premiere Pro running for some reason.


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