Disadvantages of Social Media

August 31, 2014 — by Adam Hunt3

Apart from the obvious such as losing your privacy, what are the disadvantages of social media? There have been many articles about the advantages and what you should do to get the most out of them, but no one seems to talk about the downside. I can’t speak about every social media out there because I don’t use all of them and frankly I don’t even know how many exist.

I only use the “big four”. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Each of them for different reasons. I like how the culture of them has been naturally established. For example you won’t find stupid duck faced selfies on google+ that Facebook and Instagram are full of, even though it’s the same user. What is ok to post on one social media, is somehow silly to post on another.

Disadvantages of Social Media


It is by far the biggest social media in the world with new users popping up every day. Of course there are some people who cancel their accounts, but that aren’t that many. And here is the first disadvantage. You can’t really cancel it. The problem is that although you won’t be in any friends list, your profile can still be found through search or through some old link. It will never show that “the page you are looking for doesn’t exist”. Keep this in mind next time you post a picture in your underwear. Not only it makes no sense to do that, but if one day you decide to run for president, it might become an issue.

Another problem with Facebook is the constant changes. Finally you get used to some feature or layout and they change it. I only use Facebook to manage clients’ pages, but there is always something new that hasn’t been there before which does become a bit annoying. But we have to roll with the times and adjust. Facebook is definitely worth it, when it comes to business at least.

I recently had to meet someone at a place very far from where I live, that I have never been to. I didn’t have the exact address or directions, I only had a picture of a view from the house. But after going through their Facebook pictures and using Google Earth, I was able to get directly to their house. Now let’s say I was some psychopath. I could easily find my next victim. Keep that in mind if you get too personal on Facebook or other social media for that matter. And don’t worry; it was my girlfriend I wanted to surprise.


People on twitter don’t have to use their real name which leads to them being way too abusive and a lot of times pretty stupid. Unlike Facebook, you can’t really control who is following you. It is not like accepting friendship. Sure you can block the user later, but you do that only after they have done something you didn’t like. Another disadvantage is that you find yourself arguing with people over the internet, who decided to be mean. It’s those internet tough guys. Also, when you want to get some message across, 140 characters is not always enough. I would personally like to see more space, but on the other hand, we all have to do with the same, so I guess it makes sense. Follow me here.


I started using Google+ only few days ago for SEO purposes only. Also, when you find someone’s post with authorship through Google search and they are in few thousands circles, it looks much better than being in 20 circles and they seem to be an authority. I’ll see to how many I will get. Another disadvantage I can think of is the lack of people actually using it. In other words, it’s much more difficult to find people who are active on Google+ than they are on Facebook or Twitter. There is also no share button for other social media. I know this makes perfect sense, but I would like to share something interesting on other social media with a click of a button. Google+ was an attempt to get the most from social media world, but I believe they could have crushed their competition, had they come a little earlier. Now it seems they play catch up. Who knows, they might become number 1. one day, but I doubt it.


Now this is a weird app. Disadvantages are simple; there is no purpose, you can’t put links in the description, and you can’t upload your pictures from your desktop. Yet, it is growing like crazy. I think even the developers have to be going: “This sh*t really works? “ The biggest disadvantage of Instagram is that the pictures are not reality. With so many filters and photo apps you can alter the pictures so they look far from the original. And also there are many Instagram celebrities with stupid underwear pictures. I know I don’t have to look at them but it just begs the question, why would you post a picture of yourself in your undies. It’s just ridiculous.

At the same time, it is the social media of the four I use the most. I love looking at beautiful pictures and I love creating them. Mine are normal though, at least I think so.

The all-time biggest disadvantage of social media (all of them) is that it is unbelievably time consuming. Just think how much time you have spent on it already and what you could do with that time. I don’t judge because I do it too. The whole world and people’s lives seem to be happening on them and what is sad, thanks to them, social interaction has almost disappeared.

I will leave you with an example. I was at a dinner party once and people at the table, about 15 of them, communicated by posting questions and answers on their Facebook walls… Now, I am an avid user of social media, but even to me, this was sickening. Kind of scares me what the next generation will be like.


    Prince Ramgarhia

    September 11, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    we realy need to think like this you have written there nice content ..



    January 5, 2015 at 6:11 am

    Interesting article, thanks for posting. Surprisingly, there are not many articles or blogs about the disadvantages of social media. As a 26 year old who has had google+, Facebook, and instagram at one point, I have chosen to delete all three. In Facebook’s case, “deactivate” since 2011. My main reasons for deleting are the following:

    1. Privacy. I didn’t like being tagged every time I was out or the random strangers messaging me saying they knew me when they clearly didn’t.
    2. To avoid wasting time. My theory is that I would be more productive if I’m not on social media. I’m not sure this one is 100% true…I find other ways to waste time.
    3. So I don’t feel jealous or envious. I think this has helped me in relationships. I’m not jealous of every girl who likes my boyfriend’s photos on Facebook or instagram because I don’t see it. It also prevents me from thinking everyone is living better than I am because they’re always on vacation, on boats, backstage, etc. I don’t have picture envy of girls that are prettier or doing fun things.
    4. I’m not always photogenic so I’d rather not see unflattering pictures friends post/tag me in.
    5. So when I am with someone, I am present in the moment and not worried about my “likes” or updating statuses.
    6. To remain mysterious. I like running into people and being able to truly catch up with them.


    • Adam Hunt

      January 5, 2015 at 10:59 am

      Wow, this is what I call a comment.. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think there are more and more people like you who prefer personal interactions to social media comments/likes/shares. I hope so at least.


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