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I’m back

January 9, 2015 — by Adam Hunt0

Ok, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but give me a break. A lot has happened so I had to put this blog on hold for couple of days… Ok, weeks. The only way I contributed was by using Instagram every now and than, but even that hasn’t been very consistent. The truth is there has been a lot of changes in my life so I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else.

The main change is I finally moved to Prague. It is long overdue since the first time I had the idea was back in 2009. I just said to myself that I either do it now or never. With that obviously, came a lot of issues, such as finishing all my projects in my hometown and simultaneously starting new ones in Prague. So all those meetings and travelling left me pretty exhausted and had no energy to go to gym consistently, let alone do anything on my website. Not to mention all the personal changes as well… got dumped, then I dumped, have dated…. One might advise to stay away from women when one is trying to settle in another country, and I might agree, but I just can’t help myself and have never been able to. They will be the death of me one day.

But as of this day I can safely say that I am settled and slowly but surely getting into the habit of having habits. I even went to a gym tho morning and had a solid workout which was amazing.

I was also put in charge of a huge project here in Prague where I will be responsible for getting as many tourist to Prague as possible. So in case you find a banner of Prague on some website let’s say in China, than know, that was me…

I will keep you updated. Not to mention I gotta get back to all that paid traffic stuff… Can’t wait.

Cheers guys

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Do one thing everyday that scares you!

September 15, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt and it says “Do one thing everyday that scares you”. So, to go by that principle, I had a go at paragliding because I am scared of heights. It is so bad, that when I fly somewhere I have to get drunk on the plane. I usually arrive at any destination where I had to take a plane, wasted.

I wasn’t drunk this time and boy, the view was incredible from up there. Once we took off, I settled in and started enjoying it. I remembered I’m scared of heights after we have landed. So I guess I am not anymore. It was so much fun that I am actually thinking about taking it up. We’ll see…

The cable car, or whatever they call it, that took me and my two lovely friends up to the top of the mountain, took 16 minutes to get up there. So you can imagine how high it was. The instructor, who couldn’t be nicer, said we were 1000m (3280ft) above the lake, that you can see in the video, which is called Attersee and it’s in Austria.

So enjoy me being scared.

The song is “Learn to fly”by the Foo Fighters. I used Camtasia, yes camtasia, to edit it because I couldn’t get my Premiere Pro running for some reason.


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Short Rant

September 1, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I met with a friend of mine yesterday who told me he’d wish to have time to work out. I’ve heard this so many times already and I believe, that is all bullshit.

I had to ask him how long does it take you to do one push-up? I reckon 2 seconds. You go down and than right up. Which means that you can do 10 push-ups in around 20 seconds. Now let’s say you have a rest for the rest of the minute and than do another 10. Now if my math is correct, you can do 100 push-ups in 10 minutes. And that is plenty enough. It’s far better than not doing anything.

Don’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes in a day to do 10 push-ups, 10 squats or 10 sit-ups. Be honest and admit you are one lazy, always looking for excuses, never going to start motherfu….

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The Art of Pricing

June 1, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

Couple of days ago I had a chat with a friend of mine about online business and I suggested to him he should write an eBook. He is in the real estate business, so the eBook could be for up and coming real estate agents who want to get into the game but have no idea how. There are a lot of courses that aren’t cheap so he could fill a gap. If he was to sell it for let’s say 10-20 bucks, I think he could make it work. Because what does he have to do, really? Write it once, create a simple landing page and let it live its own life. There is no support, no follow up, nothing. So this could be a source of income. In other words, if he won’t do it, I’ll do it.

Now this gave me an idea

I have a little website about currency trading and rather embarrassingly, I haven’t added any posts or done anything with it for the last 2 years. Even the hosting is on my friends’ server, so I never had to pay any monthly fee.

And maybe because of that, I haven’t had a chance to mess it up so it ranks quite well for many keywords and surprisingly, the visits go up every month without the bounce rate changing.

There is a part of the website that is called “School of Forex”. It is free, obviously and there are 20+ posts. I decided to make the first three lessons available for free and then have the rest for sale. I’ll see how that goes and let you know.

This brings me to the point of this post. What should the price be? It must be cheap, so people won’t steal it and it will be rounded up. MOST DEFINITELLY

I’ve noticed recently a bad trend that really winds me up. I know it’s all to make more sales, but frankly, I think it’s little insulting. What I am talking about is the price of online products.

Here we go (rant coming up)

Why is it always some random number and why is it never rounded up or down? It’s always 47, 17, 97, 67, etc. It’s never 10, 50, 100 or even 25, 35, etc. What’s wrong with these numbers? But the worst part about it is when they talk about things like “only xy available” or “this many copies left”. It’s a damned online product; therefore there is an infinite number of copies… This I find insulting, because obviously, the owner thinks I am stupid and will fall for it. Well I won’t and when I see something like this, I immediately lose interest.

Another thing that is more than anything, laughable, it’s when they say that the price is i.e. 47USD, but it’s worth 997USD or something like that. Based on what? How the hell do they determine what an online product is worth? It’s just a random number. And why such a big discount then? Or any discount for that matter. Is there something wrong with it?

Frankly I would be embarrassed to claim something like that, even if it meant I’d make more money. Because if it is worth 997USD, then sell it for 997USD.

This takes me back to my eBook. It will cost 20USD because it’s worth 20USD. I am not going to bother with testing the price and insult my readers. If I ever decide to create a video series about paid traffic, which I am thinking about, the price will be rounded up and the price will be based on how much time I spent creating it. No discounts, no stupid claims, nothing.

I believe the time has come to be honest and not chase every penny there is. Your or mine readers aren’t an ATM machine. Don’t think of them as your wallet, please.

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10 tips to bad successful habits. What?

May 24, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

There is a “little” website called LifeHack and when I can’t fall asleep I often read some of their posts on my iPhone in bed. Now since I’ve read quite a few of them already, they all start to look very similar to me. At least the ones about success and getting better, that sort of stuff. Although I have nothing against people bettering themselves and especially nothing against LifeHack (I wish to get to their size one day) the titles of the posts do sound very similar.

Here we go:

13 Common Bad habits that hold you back from success
20 thoughts that will lead you to great success
Top 10 fears that hold us back in life
12 things you do that are holding you back from success
5 shocking ways your lifestyle can determine your success
21 suggestions for success
10 common excuses that lead you nowhere to success
10 highly successful people share their keys to success with everyone of us
Coach yourself to success in 5 steps
10 critical things you need for life success
The 10 biggest blunders that keep you away from success
10 things everyone thinks are about achieving success (that actually are not)
20 invaluable keys to success that you’ve been ignoring

Now as you can see all these titles have one thing in common. It’s a list. All these name some number of things and as you would imagine, they are all the same, just written differently.

But there is actually a lesson that we can learn from this. Well, two…

1. This “numbered list” thing is something that we see more of nowadays, pretty much on every website. Maybe it’s time to get back to the classic posts where you put your ideas and not count them down. And maybe that is exactly the way to go. Being different by being old fashioned in your writing.

2. Write down some shit and just write countless articles about the same topic. You can use tools like The Best Spinner to pass copyscape. It won’t add any new value to your website, but it will look good if you have hundreds of articles. And never mind 90% of them are the same, we’ll gloss over that.

If you want to write a new article everyday, well good luck, but do it like Seth Godin does, don’t rewrite your old ones. Just food for thought.

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Instagram, here I come

May 13, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I’ve maintained for some time now that Facebook is kind of dead unless you are interested in pointless statuses and pictures that make no sense. Or if you are my generation, then pictures of your friends’ children. I’m not interested in either of those so I never really gave it a shot. I know it is the biggest social media site, but I just don’t feel I want to try it out.


Instagram, on the other hand, is something I want to check out. Especially because I like art and there are a lot of great pictures. I’ll see where that takes me and if I meet or connect with anybody there.

In any case, if you want to follow me, click on the icon next to my twitter icon in the top right hand corner. Thanks

See ya

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May 2, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I’ve been in Prague three days now and I have to tell you, I think I fell in love with this city. Not only it is very beautiful, but also people are very nice too. That isn’t always the case. I don’t want to point a finger, but there is a country in europe with gorgeous scenery, great food, but people are not always that friendly. I think you know what country I am talking about.

Historical buildings, restaurants, lakes, castles, the lot. Prague has the best of it and I think I might move here. I’ve been here many times before and everytime it’s awesome. Or maybe it’s just the whiskey I had a lot of last night talking, but I really feel this could become my new home.

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you you go, it is the city to check out!


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What do you care if I like it

April 16, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I took up Crossfit couple of months ago and I just can’t believe the heat I am getting from hardcore-boring-bicep-curls-doing gym goers. I realize it’s something new so let’s be negative about it and that’s fine, it’s our nature, but what I don’t understand is the close-mindedness.

What Crossfit has done for general fitness is something unheard of. It has become a movement, fashion statement if you like. People now do it for many reasons, many of which kept them out of the gym for years. It is a high intensity team sport, where those around you cheer you on and you feel like a part of a great community.

Bodybuilding is nothing like that. I’m not going to bash it, because that would mean to stoop to the level of those “4 sets of 10 reps” type of people, but to those who have tasted their bile after hard and strenuous workout, regular bodybuilding is catastrophically boring.

Then again, whatever makes you happy just do it. I have nothing against bodybuilders and I know I am not going to change their mind, but they at least should acknowledge that is Crossfit what made people want to work out, not bench press!


P.S. This video, I think is pretty cool…

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The main benefits of exercise (for me at least…)

March 2, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

There have been countless articles about the benefits of working out so I thought I’d give you another one. These benefits work for me so they might for you as well.

It improves your mood

Have you ever noticed that if you have few days in a row when you do something physical, you don’t have mood swings? I can tell you from experience that when I get sick and can’t work out, I start feeling sings of what can only be described as depression.  If you start exercising, your days will become brighter, trust me.

Improves the ability to learn

It really does. When you work out, the blood in your body circulates better which takes the necessary nutrients straight into your brain and you soak up more information. If you will then feel like you’re getting too smart, just have something made from white flour and it’ll shot the door on information. I know what I’m talking about, just had pizza…

It increases self-esteem

That is mainly because you fill up shirts little better or will no longer have to suck your stomach in. Luckily I never had the latter problem. Putting on weight has always been a struggle.

It keeps your brain fit

You will notice, once you start working out, that you are always sharp and things become much clearer.

Reduces stress

Yep, it does. Try it yourself. When you get really stressed out for whatever reason, go to gym. I know it is the last thing you think about when everything is going sideways, but you might be surprised. You will also have a little break from all the problems, which helps when you get back to them after an hour or so of working out. You’ll find a solution much quicker then.

Improves the quality of sleep

This goes hand in hand with dealing with stress and getting smarter I think. Once there is no stress thanks to working out, there is immediately a quality sleep.

Increases appetite

This is a benefit for someone like me. Since I can remember I have always been lanky. My brother to this day calls me spaghetti boy. It is just a nickname I got from him and it stuck. So for those who have problems putting on weight, start working out.

It has many medical benefits

Improves the amount of cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces high blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, relieves back pain, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, improves the supply of oxygen to the cells, reduces fatigue, helps prevent stroke.

It helps to stay focused

This is something I really need because no one can waste time like me. It is not as bad as it used to be, but I still struggle sometimes. I am sure everyone does to some extent. So yeah, working out will help you stay focused and you will get lot more done in a shorter amount of time thanks to that.

Increases sex drive

Now remember this next time it doesn’t want to wake up. Working out helps your blood to get to all places in your body… If you know what I mean.


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Fridge Shit

February 5, 2014 — by Adam Hunt0

I call pictures like this fridge shit, because it’s exactly the kind of ramblings, although very true, that you put on your fridge. I love these pictures, they always talk absolute sense. I would suggest you print it out and have a look at it first thing in the morning. It does something to you, that puts you in a good mood. It works for me at least, that is why I’m sharing it.



Have a good day